Brian and Diane Underwood

Thank you so much for selling our house. You made it seem so easy but we know your professionalism, experience and marketing plan are what it took to get the job done. You, Lori and Amy make a great team and we appreciate everything you did for us.

Peter and Patti Shearston

Following our former house’s closing this afternoon, Patti and I just want to thank you bunches for ALL of your efforts on our behalf, going way back when, to the Point of the Pines sale that wasn’t a sale and then to our first ‘dream house’ purchase in 1992, through our initial search in early 2008 for a rancher, to our second extensive and eventually successful search for that rancher starting late last year and going through this spring, culminating in the sale of our first ‘dream house’ in just 22 days last month. That’s one heck of a lot of service to just one family, us, and we are so appreciative. You do this and more every day we know, and then you move on to the next sale, and the next listing, and the countless next showings. You love your work clearly or you wouldn’t be pursuing it with so much boundless energy and attention to detail every day. So many folks in the Springs have benefitted hugely from your expertise, patience, and dedication. Patti and I count ourselves among those so fortunate. Thank you so much!

Marc and Chris Knudson

Bobbi, thank you so much for making so many things possible for us. We will always cherish your friendship because you are truly a one-of-a-kind Realtor.

Annie Lenoir

Thank you again, Bobbi, for the opportunity to work with you. Your “in control, yet relaxed” personality sets a wonderful example for me. I hope to have many more closings with you. 

Shirli la Vonne

Bobbi, you are so enthusiastic about life and your real estate career that no one could resist doing business with you. 

Guy Nanney

Most successful Realtors in town have some agents who like them and some who do not. Whenever your name comes up, however, everyone (just as I have always felt) can say only the nicest things. Take care! 

Justin and Jennifer Haggard

We want to thank you for all of your help, work and support through this very difficult sale of our home. I can´t even begin to tell you how much we appreciate your professionalism and your caring attitude. We are so relieved that everything is finally over. Thanks again for everything! 

Roger and Murlene Williams

Both Roger and I consider you a good friend. You have helped us buy and sell multiple houses over the years. Each time, the process is flawless due to your attention to detail. You are superb at what you do, and you provide such a service to people at a time when they are often vulnerable. Thank you, Bobbi, for everything! 

Doug and Lyndzi Barnes

Buying our first home was by far the biggest investment wither of us have ever made. It was stressful, emotional, intimidating, & overwhelming. Luckily, Jade made the process run smoothly and made sure everything was handled in time for our closing. If we hadn’t had them walk us through everything, I don’t know if we would have had such a good outcome. Thank you the Bobbi Price Team.